CampusVue Reporting

CampusVue is a student information system owned by Campus Management Corp. that is used by a number of top colleges and universities around the world for their campus management needs. It has proven to be an efficient, scalable, and flexible administrative solution that enhances institutional excellence.

Over the last decade, DPS has been providing IT solutions to the education industry. We specialize in the development of CampusVue customized reports and the automation of said reports. We can make alterations to the existing CampusVue reports or can develop completely new reports as per our clients’ requirement. Our extensive knowledge and experience of handling CampusVue data files has allowed us to develophundreds of such reports for our clients over the years.

Our staff is well equipped with the right skills and resources, allowing them to fulfill our customers’ requirements with efficiency and effectiveness across all of the CampusVue modules, such as admissions, financial aid, student accounts, academic records, loan management, student services, housing, etc.

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